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The Berlinale Awards 2024

The Berlinale Awards 2024

Tonight was the night of the prize ceremony of the Berlinale Awards 2024, which marks the last year under Carlo Chatrian and Mariette Riesenbeck. A fact that I already lamented. Chatrian only had three editions that weren’t hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. Actually, Berlin is one of the few places in Europe where you will still see people wearing masks.

Earlier today, a slew of awards were given out but the independent juries. Three films won several awards. Dying (Sterben), the three-hour epic by Matthias Glasner, won best film from the guild of German arthouse cinemas, as well as the Berliner Morgenpost readers’ award. The FIPRESCI prize was, somewhat surprisingly, given to My Favourite Cake (Keyke mahboobe man by Iranian directors Maryam Moghaddam & Behtash Sanaeeha, none of whom were allowed to leave Iran to come to the festival. Their film won the ecumenical prize, as well. On the other hand, the Panorama award for Faruk was welcome. A review and interview with the director, Aslı Özge, will follow.

The third film was Sex by Norwegian director Dag Johan Haugerud, which played in the Panorama section and won the Europa Cinemas Labels award, as well as the CICAE Art Cinema prize for best Panorama Film, the ecumenical jury honour for best Panorama title. It is the first in a trilogy called Sex Dreams Love.

Sterben Lars Eidinger
Lars Eidinger in Dying (Sterben)

The complete list of the Independence Awards

Prizes of the Ecumenical Jury


My Favourite Cake, dirs. Maryam Moghaddam, Behtash Sanaeeha


Sex, dir. Dag Johan Haugerud


Maria‘s Silence, dir. Dāvis Sīmanis

Special Mention

Intercepted, dir. Oksana Karpovych

Prizes of the Fipresci Jury


My Favourite Cake, dirs. Maryam Moghaddam, Behtash Sanaeeha


Sleep with Your Eyes Open, dir. Nele Wohlatz


Faruk, dir. Aslı Özge


The Human Hibernation, dir. Anna Cornudella Castro

Teddy Awards

Best Feature Film

All Shall Be Well, dir. Ray Yeung

Best Documentary/Essay Film

Teaches of Peaches, dirs. Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer

Best Short Film

Grandmamauntsistercat, dir. Zuza Banasińska

Jury Award

Crossing, dir. Levan Akin

Special Teddy Award for Lothar Lambert

CICAE Art Cinema Award


Sex, dir. Dag Johan Haugerud


Shahid, dir. Narges Kalhor

Prize of the Guild of German Arthouse Cinemas

Sterben (Dying), dir. Matthias Glasner

Europa Cinemas Label Award

Sex, dir. Dag Johan Haugerud

Caligari Film Prize

Shahid, dir. Narges Kalhor

Peace Film Prize

Favoriten, dir Ruth Beckermann

Amnesty International Film Award

The Strangers’ Case, dir. Brandt Andersen

Heiner Carow Prize

Ivo, dir. Eva Trobisch

Prize of the AG-Kino-Gilde-Cinema

Last Swim, dir. Sasha Nathwani

Special Mention

Disco Afrika: A Malagasy Story, dir. Luck Razanajaona

Berliner Morgenpost Readers’ Jury Award

Sterben (Dying), dir. Matthias Glasner

Tagesspiegel Readers’ Jury Award

Une famille (A Family), dir. Christine Angot

Development Awards Kompagnon-Fellowship

The Shore, dir. Vladimir Beck

Traversée, dir. Tizian Stromp Zargari

Arte Kino International Award

Ich bin Marika, dir. Hajni Kis,

Euroimages Co-Production Development Award

Screaming Girl, dir. Antonio Lukich

VFF Talent Highlight Award

Silence Sometimes, dir. Álvaro Robles

Honorable Mentions

Astana Internet Stars, dir.Assel Aushakimova

More Than A Hug, dir. Liselotte Persson

The Encounters Awards

The Encounters section is a relatively new section, inaugurated by Carlo Chatrian. This year, the award for Best Encounters film went to Direct Action by Guillaume Cailleau and Ben Russell. The Best Director Award was a most welcome decision since it went to Juliana Rojas for Cidade; Campo, which was one of the best-looking films during the festival. The Special Jury Award was shared between The Great Yawn of History by Aliyar Rasti, and Some Rain Must Fall by Qiu Yang. Finally, the Best First Feature award went to Cu Li Never Cries by Pham Ngoc Lan, reviewed by the Pełna Sala team here.

The Berlinale Awards 2024 Competition

This year, Lupita Nyong’o was the president of the jury. She was joined by Brady Corbet, Christian Petzold, An Hui, Oksana Zabuzhko, and, most significantly, Albert Serra. The decisions ranged from inspired to head-scratching. Among the latter was the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to Martin Gschlacht for the cinematography in the dreadfully academic The Devil’s Bath (Des Teufel’s Bad). Other incomprehensible decisions were the Silver Bear Jury prize for Bruno Dumont’s L’Empire and, even more so, the Grand Jury Prize for Hong Sang-Soo’s A Traveler’s Need. Hong said on stage that he didn’t understand what the jury saw in his film, and I share that sentiment.

From the River to the sea Pepe will be free
Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias won the Best Director Award for Pepe.

From the river to the sea, Pepe will be free

The most welcome award was the one given to Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias for Pepe. One could opine that it was the obvious Golden Bear winner, but given the state of affairs at film festivals nowadays, it was a miracle that it even made it to the competition in the first place. At Cannes, it wouldn’t even have been able to enter the Quinzaine section. Lupita Nyong’o gave out the Golden Bear to Mati Diop’s Dahomey, sealing the Berlinale’s reputation for being overly political. The fact that some laureates entered the stage with political messages without considering the consequences made that facet of the festival painfully evident. They could have taken a lesson from Ricky Gervais’ playbook.

The complete list of the Berlinale 2024 Competition Awards

Golden Bear for Best Film

Dahomey dir. Mati Diop

Silver Bear Grand Jury Prize

A Traveler’s Needs dir. Hong Sangsoo

Silver Bear Jury Prize

L’ Empire dir. Bruno Dumont

Silver Bear for Best Director

Nelson Carlos De Los Santos Arias for Pepe

Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance

Sebastian Stan for A Different Man

Silver Bear for Best Supporting Performance

Emily Watson for Small Things Like These

Silver Bear for Best Screenplay

Matthias Glasner for Sterben (Dying)

Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution

Martin Gschlacht for the cinematography for The Devil’s Bath

Earlier during the week, Martin Scorsese won an Honorary Golden Bear for his contribution to cinema.

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