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The 10 best films of 2023 10-8

Best films of 2023

It’s time to list the 10 best films of 2023. A year that had its ups and downs, and it was easier to find films for the Disapproval list. Still, there were some truly great films this year, most of them found during the last four months.

10. The Brazen

The Brazen Number 10   The 10 best films of 2023
The Brazen

Just like last year, the number 10 spot is taken by a Latvian film. Then it was The Taste of Water. This year, it is The Brazen (Bezkaunīgie) by Aik Karapetian. I wrote about how the film had me hooked from the start, and it wasn’t only because of Honegger’s third symphony. I also interviewed the director, and it was no surprise to learn that he directs operas, as well.

9. Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer Best films of 2023.

If anyone had told me that Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer would be among my favourites of the year, I would have laughed or even scoffed at the idea. As faithful readers might recall, I was not a fan of Tenet, and I can’t say that my expectations were high for Oppenheimer, even though I found much to admire in Dunkirk. Even though I’m still not convinced about Robert Downey Jr’s performance or that part of the story, there is so much to marvel at in Nolan’s latest film, which is his most accomplished work to date. The tech credits are great, as usual with the director, but this time, everything comes together as a coherent whole.

Most shockingly, this will not be the last American film on this list.

8. Kálmán’s Day

Kálmán's Day.
Kálmán’s Day

The latest film by Szabolcs Hajdu had its world premiere at the Black Nights Film Festival, like many other great films this year. It’s the second part of a trilogy. Read in my review of Kálmán’s Day what I liked about it, and check out my interview with Szabolcs Hajdu, as well.

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